DSB gamble

Every morning is a gamble when it comes to dsb. I think they have a small  encyclopedia of bad excuses. They range from “we could not update our crews I pads with their driving schedule this morning” to “it came as a surprise to us that it could snow in january”

This morning however, no problems so far. But the day is young.  They have already announced replacement busses during the weekend due to engineering works. I have high hopes for Monday. …

Hello Web Admin

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All those lovely comments

Whenever you have a webpage, where you allow people to leave comments or posts, you will find out quite quickly that there are no limit to the amount of spam you will receive. It is really impressive, not only the amount but also what they try to slip in. I have decided to make some of them public. I have for safety reason tried to remove all weird links and so on.

Organic, GMO and Biodynamics

Don’t be stupid people. Thats one way of starting this post, another way could be.. Nah.. there is no other way.

While I find the thought of organic products beautiful, all should be aware of the fine line between ripping people off and making sense. There is also a fine line between making sense and being afraid of the unknown.

I think most of us can agree on pesticides, weed killers and various other crop-crowth enhancers  might not be best for our general health. Conventional farming uses all kind of chemicals, that’s no secret. But what is your alternatives?

Well, organic farming is probably your choice which is fine, the products are usually more expensive for less. But they should be less infested with exotic chemicals. So thats all good, some products like eggs might even look better. The yolk in organic eggs are usually  less pale looking.

Next alternative, is not really an alternative. It is more like organic gone insane. It’s called biodynamic. It follows the rules laid out by some guy called Rudolph Steiner. In short it is something about, harvesting the crops the third day after full moon while chanting and dancing. It probably also requires the urine from a virgin owl collected by naked twins during the first snowfall, or something like that. And then it is by the way also organic. Needless to say it is expensive, but you can really taste the urine….

Finally there is the big no-no. The society has already made its choice. GMO is dangerous, GMO will make us all to 3-headed, 7-legged, doubled-nosed pink mutants. But… what if… The GMO was organic. If you think of it, GMO could probably coexist with organic farming. The whole point of GMO is not making anybody mutants, it is taking the scientific short cut. GMO actually isn’t different from the old way of refining crops, but instead of spending 50 years or more to get the wanted result, GMO is doing it in a few years.

What we get out of it is crops, who doesn’t need pesticides, because they naturally can resist what ever fungus or bug they might be exposed to. They aren’t sprayed with growth enhancers because the are already growing as fast and high (or short) as they can. Isn’t that basically what organic farmers are trying to achieve? No chemicals on the crops. Of course the whole GMO-organic thingy is much more complicated, but maybe GMO shouldn’t be seen as a mean to make people to pink mutants, but maybe as a way to reduce some of the pesticide outlet. It can only be healthier for everybody to get less of those weird chemicals.

Or am I just wrong?



Why would anyone buy this?

I went to a “The big Lebowski” night a a friends place not so long ago. I knew we had the usual ingredients required for such a night, but I thought I should maybe bring something anyway. And so I did.

all you need

Let the Lebowskiism begin

Being the nice guy that I am, I though maybe something a beer or champagne so I went to a store to something. After browsing around for something special I came across a beverage which I’ve heard a lot about, seen ads for it and so on.  Not even remotely thinking twice, I grabbed a little six pack and felt I did something good for my friends. I actually felt proud. Proud because of the joy my spontaneous purchase would bring. Took it to the register and payed what I would consider overprice for this, but I thought it was probably worth it.

I quickly took a picture with my smartphone and send it to my friends. They didn’t reply but I was more or less just around the corner anyway. With the six pack closely held to my chest I ran up the 5th level and entered my friends apartment. I was greeted when I entered with “Why?”. Apparently the beverage I bought isn’t very manly, its really very girly..

is it for drinking?

wtf is this? BEO?

Still proud of my fantastic purchase I pulled the beverages out of the six pack and distributed the bottles.

We took a sip, and it was fantastic. I have never taste so much nothingness at one time. While trying to find any taste in this I looked at the back and discovered to the greatest horror. I was looking for the alcohol percentage and I was expecting something like 4% or 5% and it wasn’t.
My exact thought was “why even make this?” the label at the back told me “BEO” was a hefty 0.2%.